Motherhood is –

Saying no 1 billion times a day while trying to keep a straight face.

Scratching and sniffing gooey patches that cover the house, your child and yourself on a regular basis.

Being totally amazed at how you made a fully functioning human being everytime your child does anything new.

Half saying swear words and turning them into the most fucked up irrelevant sentence and confusing your child 20 times a day AT LEAST. ‘For Fuuuuukkkkuunnngggfffuuuu Panda!’

Feeling like you have seriously got your shit together today after brushing your teeth and putting some mascara on.

Ramming people with your pram accidentally on purpose to get through crowds of people in shopping centres.

Finally. Motherhood is – WINE screenshot_20170106-153059

#nofilter #motherhood #themothership


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