How rude of me!

I got so excited about sharing my shit with you that I completely bypassed introducing myself!

Me – Gemma – The Mothership. 26 years young with a head full of clutter to chuck at you! Since becoming a Mother I feel like it’s all of a sudden important to write shit down. My brain has turned to mush and before I know it I will be 82 with no recollection of what the fuck has happened to me in the last few decades. So that’s where the Blogging comes in. A journal of you wish.

Henry Parker – The Kid. 10 Months and 3 days young. Likes cheese, remote controls and anything with wheels. Quite the little character with trouble running through his veins. He has become my world and I’m not ashamed to say it!

I’ve done enough partying, travelling and stupid crap in my life so far that I welcomed Motherhood with open arms. Something new and challenging that strangely felt immediately like home.

So here we go! A new adventure! I’m glad you could join us.

#motherhood #themothership


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