When you grow up buddy

Henry Parker, buddy, you sweet little guy, when you grow up there will be so many stories to tell! 

I will tell you of our adventures near and far and let you know how cute you were! But most of all I will tell you of your naughty little pickle moments…finding your bedroom curtains in a pile in your cot, getting stuck under tables and covered in snot! Escaping your nappy changes bare bum on show, falling and tumbling wherever you go.You’re a right little monkey, a ballsy little bruiser! You’re Nanny loves it, it seems to amuse her. Your Dad and I think you’re an awesome little tot, all the money in the world and we still wouldn’t send you back to the shop (might put you in the wheely bin though next time you pull the washing off the airer)!

Just sat here with you getting sleepy for bed…A smile on your face, a kiss on your head.


#mymainguy #motherhood 


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      1. I was just having a browse through your posts actually! Going to stay tuned for sure! Some good reads!


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