To nap or not to nap?

Babies do it, the Spanish do it, Dogs do it. Why can’t we?

We struggle through our day, hour by hour, waiting for the baby to shut their little eyes and have an afternoon nap. Then we rush around like loons trying to fit in everything that we can’t do when their awake. How fucking stupid is that? Surely we should sit back, shut our eyes and have a god damn nap too?

Think how refreshed we would feel. All ready and refuelled for the rush hour (the time where you have to ram dinner, bath, bed and every other fucking chore you have forgotten to do today into what seems like one bloody hour.)! It would be fantastic! You would be one happy Mumma! Your partner would come home and you would be like ‘Heyyyyy! How was your day? Ours was grrrreeeat! Everything is done, just sit back and chill, dinner will be on the table in 10 babe!’

But no. You cannot possibly do this. It would be lazy and selfish.

When you have a new born people say, ‘oh you look exhausted! You should nap when he naps! Make sure you get the rest you need darling!’ and you’re like ‘Uhhhhh don’t be stupid! There’s so much to do. No one actually does that!’ When in reality what you should have said is ‘Fucking too right I am going to have a nap, this bitch is exhausted. Who cares about the chores!’

You should have said yes. You should have taken those naps and napped the shit out of them. But you didn’t and now your opportunity and your time has passed. You have a 10 month old. But wait…Life is way more exhausting than it was back then. The baby crawls, climbs, eats and shits way more than it used to and you’re running around like a fucking headless chicken after them all day! So you should think you are way more deserving of a nap than you were back then? Right? NO BITCH!

Be a good sport! You just have to keep on going. Everybody does. You’re doing great! Who the fuck needs sleep anyway?


#napsareforpussies #motherhood


8 thoughts on “To nap or not to nap?

Add yours

    1. Don’t get me wrong! Sleep is one of my favourite things to do! I’m tucked up by 8pm loving life some nights! I wish we could swap roles with the kids some day and they put us down for a nap! Thanks for reading my post!

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      1. Yea napping and sleep early isn’t a regular activity for us. I’ve had to make it a priority otherwise I’ll be up until 2am working and on social media only getting 4 hrs of sleep and that’s no bueno.


      2. I am with you on that! My little boy is 10 Months and I used to get so excited if he slept and I got 4 hours sleep! Now if I get less than 7 I am a force to be reckoned with!

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    1. If I attempt a nap in the daytime, as soon as those lids close 1 billion little thoughts pop into my brain and I’m up again! No rest for the wicked! Thank you for reading!

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    1. A great idea but sometimes not a reality! The a million and one things can easily turn into a million and 2, 3, 4! Sometimes I just have to tell my subconscious to fuck off so I can have a guilt free power nap. But it’s a very rare occasion!

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