Pajamas. All day.

Some days it’s OK to do nothing. It’s OK to take a breather from a busy schedule.

Staying at home in your pajamas all day could be seen as lazy. But it could also be seen as fucking awesome. some days it is just needed you know!

Make time to stop. Stop whatever you’re doing and just let it all go. 

Take time to wind down. Take time to relax, potter and have some proper one on one time with your little human (or humans!).

Sometimes I feel like all I do is plan.

Plan to go here, plan to go there, meet this person, that person and everything in between.

Pajama days are essential to maintain a healthy mind. Throw your diary out the window and just concentrate on the here and now, just for one day. A full 24 hours of chill time. 

Obviously there are other ways to wind down and relax. But personally, pajama days are one of my faves!

So today that’s what we have done!

However we did have a visit from the boiler man who must of thought we were little slobs! But hey who cares! He doesn’t know us!

We’re owning our pajamas and kicking back like kings! 

#motherhood #pajamaparty


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