Wrestling an Octopus 

Each nappy change must burn around 40-60 calories AT LEAST! It’s bloody hard work when you have a baby that detests having his nappy changed. It’s like wrestling an Octopus all wriggly with limbs flying everywhere! We fight him to the floor, he rolls over 102 fucking times and then he tries to escape! He is usually successful and proceeds to crawl away screaming! Every time one of us sits there, face in palm. Defeated.’Dude! I am trying to give you a nice fresh nappy, not kill you!’.

We have tried the art of distraction – Hand him something interesting while you dive in for the world’s quickest nappy change.

We have tried the stand the baby up up nappy change – This takes two people. Never again.

We have tried the quick swap – place clean nappy under dirty nappy, whip the dirty nappy out, wipe butt and then do the clean one up.

I could describe many more nappy changing techniques that we have tried lately but it would bore you to death.

I might just set him free. But then again last time I did that he proudly pissed all over my new rug whilst looking at me laughing. I was distraught!

All seriousness aside I find it quite entertaining, but after the 3rd or 4th nappy change of the day it just becomes ridiculous!

So. My question is, does your baby do this? AND, how do you work around it?



#motherhood #nappyhell


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  1. Yes all 3 of my kids did this. You lay them down on the floor. Put their hands up put your left leg over their chest. With their hands up. Don’t push down on it. If they move more towards the bottom then move your leg more down towards their bottom. Let me know if it makes sense. I can try to make a post if it with pictures if you need me too

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