Super Sunday

Each weekend rolls by and we are always faced with the drama of what to do to pass the time as a family. 

The days are gone where we lived in the city, child free and full of energy. We would consume many MANY bottles of delicious wine, eat out at fancy restaurants and spend hours in bed with not a care in the world.

Well it’s safe to say life’s not like that anymore. It is a hell of a lot different. The bed is only used for essential sleep and the occasional quickie! And not the kind of quickie you might be thinking of! I’m talking about a quick power nap to regenerate our parental batteries. Wine is a treat and eating out at a fancy restaurant would take weeks of planning babysitters and clearing our diaries! 

Anyway, I am making out as though all this is a bad thing.  It’s not. We had a fucking good run of fun before we had Henry. Now its just a different kind of fun.

So, it’s January. Money is tight. It’s pissing down with rain and we are moping around a bit trying to decide what to do. It was destined to be a shit day. However, we decided to make the best of a bad situation. Yes it can be boring at times and no we don’t have as much expendable cash as we used to but we LOVE spending time as a family and you can do that anywhere! So a day in at home it was.

I ran a hot bath thismorning, while Henry played downstairs with his Daddy. I used one of my LUSH bathbombs I got for christmas. It was literally LUSH. Having some Mummy time alone is like having a mini holiday! So bloody refreshing! 

Henry went down for a nap and the other half appeared with some cheese and Marmite on toast and a large black coffee for me. WINNING. 

We pottered and played as I cooked a yummy roast. We made a conscious effort to avoid the telly and our phones. We lit candles and played music, we chatted and played some more. 

For the first time in ages we were content with just being at home, with each other, relaxing. No stresses of getting out the house and no unnecessary funds spent!

It was a super Sunday and we intend to repeat it more often! 

#familyday #passthegravy


2 thoughts on “Super Sunday

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  1. Our weekends are either super busy with errands to run and places to go or mundane just sitting around bored. On these weekends I too have to get creative with what we will do to avoid everybody sitting around on the electronic of their choice. I too prepared a roast for Sunday dinner. 🙂

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    1. It can be hard sometimes to snap out of the boredom! But once you get up and make yourself busy it’s usually fun! I hope you enjoyed your roast dinner! 😁


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