To Paul

My Mum and her husband are visiting in less than a month! They have been on a Sailing adventure for many many months now. Residing in Portugal for a while, over Christmas and new year. What and fabulous and adventurous life they lead! Not fucking jealous at all. 

Excitement washes over me everytime I think of them walking through the door. I miss my Mum so much. Some days I get so upset wishing she was here. Just to be here and do Mummy and daughter things likes shopping, and cooking and watching girly films together.  

It’s so hard having your parents live so far away. My Mum and Paul off on their expeditions and my Dad living over in Spain. I feel like they miss out on so much! We speak most days on Facebook video chat and keep each other updated on all the latest news in our lives! But it’s not the same. They can’t cuddle Henry or help us out when we are having a rough few days. Having them visit feels like Christmas is coming all over again. Especially because I know my Mum will go to town on the cleaning! The house will be sparkling and the washing basket forever empty! Bloody brilliant! 

My Mum and Paul have been married a few years now. I have never seen her so happy and content. We have grown closer and closer, catching up on the years we spent distanced from each other as I hopped from one country to the next being a god awful teenager. But hey! I was finding myself. 

She could not have picked a better person to commit her love to.

Paul. You are an amazing Stepfather, husband to my beautiful Mother  and an incredible Grandad to Henry. Thank you for coming into our lives. I don’t like calling you my stepfather, I see you as so much more. I feel I can always rely on you, you will be there no matter what. Offering the best advive and making me feel like I am doing an amazing job as a Mum. You are kind, considerate and fucking hilarious. You understand life’s ups and downs and you make the best of every bad situation. You have brightened my Mother’s life in a way I will ever be grateful for and you have filled a little piece in my heart that was missing for a long time. You are my family now. You are stuck with me, Ryan and Henry until the end of time and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We love you very much.

Thank you Paul.

See you in a few weeks! 

P.S Mum don’t get jealous. We love tou just as much.



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