Rain = Online shopping

Online shopping is just fucking great isn’t it! Especially for mums on the go! This is probably going to sound like one of those ‘anytime, anywhere’ clichés but who cares! It’s bloody fantastic!

I was sat in my pajamas this morning staring out the window, coffee in hand, contemplating whether or not to brave the shitty rain and head into town. I needed a few bits and bobs. Nothing big just a few household items to check off the list! One of those things being a fucking stair gate! I am fed up with playing catch me if you can everytime Henry bolts out of the living room door.

After battling the baby into the highchair for breakfast and him dribbling wheetabix all over himself and squishing it into his hair, I decided I wasn’t ready for the real world just yet. My shit was certainly not together! There was washing to do, beds to make and my hair resembled something of a birds nest. 

So after breakfast, morning play time and a few chores Henry went down for a nap. Great I thought! Time to catch up on some social media, do a bit of writing and have another coffee!

I glanced over at my shopping list and decided to see if I could grab any of it online. Click, click, click, same day delivery, I’LL TAKE IT ALL! Same day delivery…how fucking incredible. I never have to leave the house again! I can leave it all to the tiny little man inside my computer with his mini trolley to search for what I want and whack it in my virtual basket! I can become a unsociable recluse that stays inside all day in her pajamas ordering shit online and eating junk food! Oh wait. I have a child. That would be impossible. Oh well, nice thought!

Anyway, now I am sat here waiting for my deliveries while Henry demolishes a Banana (more hair squishing going on right now). All in all its been a great day so far! We haven’t got drenched out in the rain and I have ticked off lots of my to do list and shopping list! GREAT! 

Let’s pray for some sunshine tomorrow so we can be real humans again! 



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