Just call me Dave

Today I became a man. A proper bloke.

I took it upon myself to do some DIY. I got out the other half’s drill and his precious tools (he never lets me touch them when he is here) and I went for it! 

It sounds like I have just built a fucking monsterous wall or something but actually all I did was put up a towel ring in the downstairs loo.

But HEY! It a fucking good and sturdy towel ring! It’s even lined up straight! Just call me Dave. DIY Dave.

It felt good. I feel like a strong independent woman. 

Henry watched me from his jumperoo in horror as I drilled some fuck off holes in the wall. He didn’t look impressed with my skills.

Becoming a Mum empowers you! What challenge can I take on next? I am BASICALLY qualified to build a house now.

Come on now…let’s not get carried away Gemma. Maybe you should just put up some pictures on the wall or a mirror or something.

But I do like the building a house idea. Or a Castle. 

Stay tuned. 

#motherhood #dave


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