Basically a teenager

Hungry = moody

Tired = moody

Bored = moody

Basically everything = moody

What the fuck is going on!?

My 10 month old is already a teenager! 

He has 2 settings. 1 being hyperactive happy Henry and the other being I am going to slaughter all my toys and throw myself on the floor Henry.

This has only been recently. My suspicions tell me there are more teeth  coming.  In which case, they need to all hurry up and come at once! It’s like having a pre menstrual teenage daughter. Bloody difficult (no pun intended). I just don’t know what he wants or what to do with him! There are only so many cuddles and kisses you can give!

Looks like a while of calpol, teething powder and tantrums ahead! 

Wish me luck!

Fucking loving life!

Good night all! 

P.S just look at this grumpy little face. Says it all!



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