New Mummy?

Are you a new Mummy? 

When I say new I don’t mean like new new, like literally just popped a baby out of your noonie or had him/her pulled out the sun roof. 

I mean new as in you’re new to the game. New to each milestone that creeps up on you. Piss, poo, puke, teething, weaning, rashes, colds, sleeping or not sleeping. I still class myself as and new mummy and Henry is 1 on the 4th of March!

I went in completely blind to this whole motherhood malarkey.  I had never even touched a nappy before I had Henry! (Apart from this really awkward time at my friends baby shower when we all had to put a nappy on a baby doll. I was petrified.)

There is so much overwhelming information on the Internet and in all the pamphlets handed out to you in those bloody bounty packs. I chose to ignore most of it until Henry arrived. I didn’t want to scare myself! 

I think the last thing you need as a new mum is everyone telling you all the fucking things that can go wrong. You’re already freaking out at how small and delicate your tiny human is. You don’t want to constantly be thinking the worst is going to happen! Well… we naturally do that anyway I guess. But google search is a new mums nightmare. Your baby coughs, you Google search it and you think you have discovered your baby has a rare disease from Indonesia that can kill 1 in 19,000000 babies. It’s horrifying.

There are things you need to know and there are things you don’t. 

Stay away from Google. 

Use your GP. They know what they’re doing.

Relax and enjoy them being small. They are in the safest place! With their Mummy and Daddy! 

A Mothers instinct is strong. You may be a new Mummy but you’re naturally a great Mother! It’s built in! Deal with it! 



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