Fresh air

Snotty noses.

That’s what we’ve had in this bloody house for the last couple of days. I can’t even count the number of baby bogeys that have been smeared across my leg, arm, or face.

Henry’s on his 100th cold of his little life! The poor wee guy must have had enough of this shit by now!

Anyway, today we decided to venture out of the house. Henry had perked up a little and the sun was shining so off we went! We wrapped up warm and bundled out the door.

It started well! We walked to our local park, had a little go on the swings, Henry had a little play and I manged to snap a few family pictures. We soaked up the fresh air and enjoyed the winter sun on our pale faces! 

Then we went to see the ducks at the pond. The pond was fucking frozen. There were no fucking ducks. 


We continued to venture through the frosty fields, there was a nice crisp to the air. We discovered a new pub at the top of a big fucking hill (I made the other half push the pram.) with a beautiful view! 

We stopped and had a coffee. We shouldn’t have stopped. All hell broke loose. There were tears, tantrums and snot bubbles and nothing was going to subdue the situation. No bottle, rattly thing, or pram wiggle was going to work.

Off home we went. We didn’t realise how far we had walked! It took years to walk home and Henry point blank refused to sit in his pram so the other half had to carry him the whole way back to the house!

Henry was pleased with himself. He had won. 

However I checked my pedometer when we got back and I had hit my daily step goal so I was secretly the real winner.

Muddy boots and cold noses. We shook off the outside and sat back to relax for the rest of the day while Lord Henry got his own way and rolled around on the floor with his toys smearing his snotty face over the living room rug.

Safe to say tomorrow we are staying inside if our grumpy child has anything to do with it.

Here are a few snaps from our day!

Happy Saturday everyone! 

#familyday #sicknotes 


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