Is this real

My cheeks hurt from smiling and my belly hurts from laughing. Pure love is running through my veins and I have to stop and pause every now and then and ask myself… is this real? Will I wake up tomorrow with my world crashing down around me? Do I deserve this?

I am constantly made to feel like the luckiest girl, the prettiest girl (despite my bare face, curly mum bun and pajamas everyday) and the best Mother.  

I feel loved and I feel safe. But most of all I feel good enough. Good enough as I am. 


I’ve made mistakes in life, we all have. I’ve taken wrong paths and done silly things. But they have all lead me to here. Where I am meant to be. Mother to Henry and partner to the most kind, loving and incredible man. 

He helps me through all the self doubt and anxiety. He embraces my craziness and nurtures my loving side. He provides for us. He puts us first. He always will. 

So the answer is Yes.

This is real. 

I do deserve it.

And my family isn’t going anywhere. 

Some people might find this sickening and think this is load of shit, but a wise old wrinkly man once said to me…

“Life is about choices. The word choose is key. If you don’t like something or someone or a situation your in then choose to look at it differently. choose to feel differently. Choose to change it.”

Therefore I am choosing not to care what people think of me and I am choosing to let go of any doubts and I am choosing to let  myself be happy.

I love my little family.

#teamsmellypants #motherhood


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