Baby poo. 

A mums favourite topic.

It comes in a variety of beautiful colours and interesting textures.

My personal favourite would be the nugget poo. A small round lump, easy to clean up and dispose of. The nugget poo also often does not smell. An all ’round’ winner. 

However today I experienced my least favourite. The fucking POONAMI. The Poonami has no boundaries. It cascades out of the nappy and never ends. It destroys everything in its path leaving no survivors. The Poonami is potent. Not one for the faint hearted. 

Henry and I were both taken by surprise. At first we thought it was a prolonged shart. But no. It was a loud and proud Poonami. 

Kill me.

Currently sitting here in shock after fighting my child to the floor and and getting covered in shit.

He seems fine. He’s having a nap. All that pooing takes it out of you don’t you know. 

Motherhood at its finest.

(There is no picture with this post. I am not that cruel!)

#motherhood #poonami


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