My Baby

My Baby,

You are growing so fast now. Each day you change just that little bit more. You’re personality is blossoming. 

You look so much like your Daddy but I see so much of myself in you. The way you giggle and screech with joy whenever we tickle you and the way you stuff your face with food like a little hamster. That’s your Mum right there!

Watching you play with your daddy fills my heart with so much love. My men. Side by side. You’re my world!

You will be one soon. ONE! I can’t quite believe it. If I close my eyes and look back for a moment I can still feel you wriggling inside my tummy. Time flies by so quickly, sometimes I have to stop and catch my breath, take it all in and soak you up while you’re still so small. I have to make the most of every moment because soon enough you will be grown! 

My little Bob. Bob is what we called you when you were in my tummy. Because you were Bobbing around in there waiting for your time to meet us!

I want you to know  no matter how fast you grow and how much you change, you will always be my little Bob. 

Always and forever.

I love you.

Look! You were in there! In my tum tum! 

#motherhood #mybaby 


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