After a night of very little sleep and a stressful morning Henry topped it all off by smashing his face on the coffee table!

Big fucking ouch!

He was standing there playing with his toys on the table, lost his balance for a split second and WHAM! We have ourselves a split lip and a lot of blood.

My poorly little soldier is now glued to my hip while I proceed to do the washing, get ready and have to chat the the plumber every 5 minutes who’s fixing our bathroom sink taps. 

It’s his first ‘proper’ accident so naturally I was freaking out and thinking he was dying. I was tearing up trying to comfort him thinking SHHIIIITTTTT. The Mum guilt immediately kicks in and you feel like you’re the worst mum ever! 

He’s absolutely fine. Minus and cut lip and a bit of swelling! He’s braver than I am! 



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