Team Smelly Pants

Mummy, Daddy and Henry. That’s us. Team smelly pants!

We have got used to it now.  Just the 3 of us. It’s been a fucking hard ride adjusting to life as new parents and doing it without our parents close by has been bloody tough. But we did it! How amazing are we!?

There have been days when I have broken down and been a complete mess. All I have wanted was help. But when you have no one close by apart from each other you just have to find a way of coping. 

I watched my friends who have children drop them with the Grandparents or aunts and uncles so they can have some alone time or a ‘date night’ and it made me so jealous. We couldn’t do that on a whim. We need to plan months ahead to get some time together. We have to wait for the Grandparents to fly in from their travels or drive a million miles to get to us, and then when they are here alone time seems irrelevant because we have missed them so much we just want to make the most of it while they’re here!  

But now I see it in a different way. I am not jealous, I am proud. I am so fucking proud of our little family. We have had no escape from the reality that is parenthood. We have rolled with the punches and tackled every bump in the road head on like fucking superheroes. We have changed our lives drastically and made sacrifices we didn’t realise we would need to make. But we did it.

There will be many MANY more obstacles and bumpy roads ahead of us but I am so confident that the 3 of us have what it takes to keep on pushing foward! 

We are approaching a month of visits! We will be seeing all of the Grandparents. All of them! Now more than ever I couldn’t be more thankful for their company! It’s been a crazy couple of months and Henry has become an active little fella! He’s been working us hard! 

So…A hand, some help, finally we can let someone else take the reigns for a short while! All the time they aren’t with us it makes it 100 times more special when they are!  
I can’t wait! 


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