Met with silence

Motherhood can be extremely lonely. 

No matter how much you cram into your diary and how many friends you have there are just some days when you feel like a lone ranger.

You sit there chatting away to your child and you are either met with silence or some kind of babbling mess. 

I find myself saying “ooohh is that nice?”Or things like “wow look at you! Is that fun?” Like he’s going to turn around and be like “Yes mummy it’s fucking brilliant, I am having literally THE best day!”

It is obviously super important to speak to your child to help with their language development and conversational skills. BUT COME ON! I am talking a brick wall most days.

I guess it’s not all bad though. When he laughs at me or says Mama and claps his chubby little hands together, my heart melts and for a moment I forget he has no fucking idea what I am saying to him.

I shouldn’t wish the time away. I should enjoy the peace and quiet before the whys, ifs and buts start. 

It won’t be long. I just have to push through the silence and keep phoning my friends for pointless adult conversations. 

When I say adult…It’s nothing of the sort. Yesterday I phoned my friend who also has a small person and a medium to small person. The children were all being total nutters and shouting and laughing. We proceeded to do the same. 5 people, making a noisy mess. We sounded like lunatics. We couldn’t help but laugh. My friend said “This is literally how all of our phone conversations will be from now on.” LOUD! 

I guess that was one way to break the silence! 

Here’s HP…Completely ignoring me as per usual! 


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