Isn’t it weird when your baby gets teeth! They look so grown up! 

When they smile it’s like CHEEEESSSEEE! 

Then you have to start Brushing their little teeth! Like a real human! Obviously they don’t understand what your doing to them. Henry thinks it’s a treat and gets pissed off when I start brushing away like a mad woman! Then I give him the toothbrush which he proceeds to chew on for a while. The wrong end might I add. Weirdo.

I am so excited for when I get to be the tooth fairy. I’m going to be the best fucking tooth fairy EVER! 

On another note, not so excited for the trips to the dentist. 

Everytime a new toothy peg comes through it makes me so emotional! Probably more to the fact that the drama said tooth has caused in the lead up to its big reveal. 

Teething babies are not fun. Fact. 

I miss my little gummy bear. 

He’s turning into a little crocodile! Snap snap!

Look at those little pearly whites! 


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