Coffee is life

The trip to the in laws was not as relaxing as we had planned. In fact it was fucking awful. 

Apologies I did not get time to blog! I was too busy hating my life.

Henry decided to be a little demon and not sleep. At all.

It was like having a new born again. Up every hour trying to figure out what he wanted.

When in fact all he wanted was to shout and laugh and play. 

We ended up sitting downstairs at some unearthly hours playing with his fucking pull along crocodile. Horrendous.

This obviously had a detrimental effect on my mental wellbeing and resulted in me having a breakdown at 2am on Saturday night crying into his cot like a lunatic. The other half took control and was like my knight in shining armour.

I don’t think it helped that Henry was in our room with us. So anytime we stirred he was waking up like “OH heeeeyyyy Mummy and Daddy! What are you guys doing here? What a nice treat!”.

He didn’t even have a daytime nap! I don’t know how he was surviving on so little sleep! How can one tiny human have so much energy!? It’s not normal. It’s some evil kind of baby magic.

One upside to the weekend was Nanny took Henry Sunday morning so we could catch up on some kip.  It was the best 2 and a half hours of my life. Like literally. I was sleeping on a cloud. I wish it could be a regular thing.

The only thing we were running on was coffee. A lot of coffee. Coffee is amazing. Coffee is a drug. It is a powerful mystical bean drug. A magic bean drink (I think I’m still buzzing!). When we finally arrived home last night I felt like I had been on a 2 day bender with the major shakes and the PPP’s  (post pissed paranoia). Note to self: stop abusing coffee.

So here we are. MONDAY. A fresh start. He will sleep. He will. I refuse to let him rule the roost. 

I think the worst has passed. I hope. But I am taking no nonsense from now on! Also, will be limiting myself to one coffee a day. I woke up today looking like a crack addict craving my next fix. Actually maybe I should start drinking decaf!

Wish me luck! 

If you don’t hear from me I’m under my dining room table in fetal position. Send help. 



2 thoughts on “Coffee is life

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  1. Coffee magic is sent to help us counteract evil baby magic! looking like a crack head isn’t that bad anyway, you could make it a thing! If 90’s fashion can make a comeback (skirts over trousers, belly rings, embroidered jeans?!) then you can totally rock the crack head look! Coffee comes before beauty in the survival pecking order of a mother after all!

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    1. I’m feeling this actually! I will try my best to rock it. Coffee is magic you’re right! I even have an amazing coffee face mask from LUSH which is the best thing in the world. I use my coffee mask and drink and coffee and I am a new woman! Try it out! 😍


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