Today is the day!

Friday! Yessssss! My beautiful Mamma and her husband Paul will be here in a few hours! 

Perfect timing if you ask me. After a rough night with Henry and a morning from hell I will welcome them with open arms, throw the baby at them and run for the hills. 


I can’t wait to sit and hear about all their sailing adventures and show them how much Henry has grown into a little man! 

Last time they visitited Grandad taught him how to crawl. This time he’s going for gold and going to try and get him walking! We shall see…. Henry is more stubborn than me and my mum put together! 

The other half and I are having the first date night together….ever! Well since having Henry.  We are going for and nice meal with one of his work companions and the we are going for cocktails! Just the two of us! It is going to feel strange but also fucking amazing to not be worrying about entertaining lord Henry for the evening!

Today is also the day Blue Bunny has a bath in the washing machine! The poor guy has been dragged around everywhere lately. Henry and BB have become inseparable! God knows what we will ever do if BB ever decides to go astray!

Then this weekend is all about family time. So I am affraid you won’t hear from me until Monday! I am cutting all ties with technology and concentrating on drinking wine, playing with Henry, girly time with the mother, eating lots of food and laughing hard. Wine obviously takes priority here. Just saying. 

Have a great weekend my fellow bloggers! 

Look at this poor stinky bunny! 



2 thoughts on “Today is the day!

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    1. Oh she does! I am beyond jealous of what she gets up to! Also thank you, I had way too many cocktails and heaps of wine! I am still recovering from Friday night now! Date night ruined me!

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