That wall

I’ve had an incredible weekend with my family. It’s been amazing having my Mum and Paul staying. They have been a great help. We had lovely food, wine and lots of laughter. Of course with a traditional family row thrown in here and there, it wouldn’t be a family visit without one! 

But MY GOD. I am so fucking drained. I want to curl up in a ball and hide from the world for a month.

I have hit a wall. Not any ordinary wall. A giant fucking monstrous wall of self pity and depression. Over tired, over worked (yes being a full time mum is a hard bloody iob) and hormonal (just had the Depo shot in my butt last week). I’ve hit THAT wall. The one that stops you dead and you have no idea how to get over it.

With Henry playing up and me feeling like this I sense a rough few days ahead! I don’t know what I would do without Henry’s Dad. He is the most supporting and caring person I have probably ever met! Nothing phases him. I wish I could be like That!

So here I am. Dying on the sofa, teary eyed and exhausted. I’ve baracaded the dining room double doors and shut the stair gate in the living room. Henry is running riot and there are toys fucking everywhere. But today I don’t care. I just DO. NOT. CARE. I intend on staying here and feeling sorry for myself for the foreseeable future. 

Sorry for the negative post! Just needed a rant! 

Roll on bedtime. 



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