Father and son

I could sit and watch them all day. The way Henry’s face lights up as his Daddy tosses him in the air and catches him. The way he giggles and screams when Daddy turns into a monster and pretends to eat his tummy. 

They have such an unbreakable bond. 

Henry’s father is one of a kind. He’s ours! 

The way he’s strokes his head and inhales his yummy baby scent just like I do. 

The way he carries him to bed and doesn’t want to let his sleepy baby go. 

The way Henry lights up every time his Daddy comes home from work. He crawls over to him at full speed and climbs up his leg shouting DADADADA! (Anyone would think I torture him all day. He can’t get away from me quick enough!) 

The way he is so amazed at everything Henry does and so proud of who he’s becoming.

The way they are.

Father and Son.



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