I check the monitor and for the first time in what seems like forever the baby is still sleeping. It’s 5.30am. I feel surprisingly awake and refreshed. My body clock must have adjusted to the early morning wake up calls. 

I lie there and listen to the wind for a moment. It’s blowing a hooley out there but the house still feels so peaceful. 

I tiptoed down the landing like a ninja mumma. As the bathroom door clicked shut behind me I winced, but there were no cries. FANTASTIC! 

The steam from the shower filled the bathroom as I sat there on the loo having a tinkle. The first tinkle in a while that I had had without a little monster screaming at me through the stair gate or following me in and sitting at my feet. 

The steam grew heavier and it occurred to me that I hadn’t visited a swimming pool or spa since the beginning of my pregnancy. I used to go for regular saunas and steams and I bloody loved it. What I would do for a spa day! I would give my left arm!

I had a long blissful shower, little angel kisses all over my tired mummy body! It’s a rare moment for some mummys, showering alone with the door shut can feel like Christmas! I creeped back along the landing to the bedroom. The house was still sleeping. As I slipped back into bed, still wearing my towel on my head, I sat there and began drafting this post. It’s at little moments like these that I squeeze in working on my blog. Snippets of time where I can take a breath and let out what’s on my mind or just have a general babble. I’ve really enjoyed my blogging adventure so far and am actually quite surprised at the great response I’ve had! 

Anyway. It’s now 6.39am and my child is 100% awake and shouting at me from his Jumperoo to get him his breakfast.

Must dash before u have a stage 4 meltdown on my hands!

I hope some other Mummys out there get a moment of peace this morning before the madness begins!

Chow for now! 



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