Sick note 

What a way to start the weekend!

A routine doctors appointment yesterday afternoon turned into a full blown trip to A&E. Henry’s dramatic antics alarmed the doctor and she sent us on our way! He was screaming and shouting, crying and flinging himself around. The poor doctor couldn’t get a look in! 

We have luckily escaped any illnesses since his last bout of baby bronchiolitis  (touch wood), but the last few days he has been a miserable little old man. 

There’s nothing worse than having a poorly baby. You have no idea how to console them. Their cries pull at your heart strings and you just want to cuddle them until they’re better.

So anyway. There we were at A&E with a grouchy baby that hadn’t had any fluid in around 15 hours, coughing, crying and generally just looking unwell. My mother’s instinct was telling me we was fine. He had only slept 3 hours in the space of about 28 hours! He just needed a fucking good sleep and a shit load of Calpol! He was basically just faking it so he didn’t have to do P.E tomorrow (I’m on to him already). But I can’t stress enough how it is ‘better to be safe than sorry’ our babies are precious and you should always get them checked out if ever in doubt!

A few hours went by and after all of his observations we were sent home. They told us he has a virus and gave us a list of things to watch out for and off we went!  Then after world war 3 and still no fluids he decided to go to bed. We all sat there exhausted. Myself the other half and my Mum had been at Henry’s every whim for a few days now and we were wiped out. We popped open the prosecco and some beers, ordered a curry and tried to savour what was left of our Friday night! I felt super gutted for my other half as he was meant to be going out on a big night out with his work mates but instead was called in for Daddy duties. He’s an amazing Daddy I will give him that!

Henry was up through the night (nothing unusual there) and was a really unhappy boy but today he has perked up and has been playing and being his usual cheeky self! 

Nanny baby sat him all day today so we got to have a Mummy and Daddy day out! I was spoiled rotten and feel like a new woman already! It’s the first time in forever that I have felt like a real human! 

So Saturday is coming to an end. We have turned the downers into uppers and are going to roll on into Sunday with smiles (and big eye bags) on our faces!

Enjoy your weekend everybody! 

Our little sick note!



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