Sunday funday

Hooray it’s Sunday! Pass the fucking Vino!

Everyone is still asleep and I do not intend on moving from my bed until it is absolutely necessary! Or I can’t hold my wee in anymore, or get hungry, or just generally bored! 

As a mother you have to cherish these rare moments of peace and serenity. Save them up and store them in your memory bank for when your having a mother fucker or a day. Revisit your Zen and remind yourself life sometimes rewards you with short bursts of nothingness to catch up with yourself. Hang on to that feeling and just keep going! You’re a kick ass Mama!

My Mother duck is making a roast dinner today and I can’t wait! I usually make a roast every Sunday lately, so today I can just relax! When I say relax I just mean not be doing 100 million things and cooking a roast at the same time. What bliss!

Henry has finally caught up on some sleep so hopefully he won’t be such a grumpy bollocks today (fingers crossed)! We can try on his new shoes and practice some walking in the garden!

DIY Dave might pay a visit today though. We need to put up Henry’s birthday swing and outside play things! He’s going to bloody love it all! He is such a spoiled little princess! My plan is to basically have a whole park in the back garden so I can just sit there on my sunbed all summer with a glass of Pimms watching my baby explore the garden! Not lazy at all! Just practical! 

What has everyone else got planned for this glorious February Sunday? 



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