Oh my fuck 

I already feel so guilty and it’s not even 8am! 

My poor baby is going to be stabbed by the nurse with a vicious needle and I don’t like it. Not one bit. My resentment probably stems from the fact that I am petrified of needles and I don’t want to inflict that kind of trauma onto my precious boy!

I told myself after going through a horrendous birth and getting pricked and probed from every angle that I had totally eradicated my ridiculous fear of needles. For his last 2 sets of jabs I was super cool and calm and went through the whole ordeal like a pro. But today the needle anxiety is back! What if I faint or throw up!?

I have forced my other half to take a late lunch and join us on this fabulous adventure to the doctors later today. I say fabulous as I am trying to convince myself that it’s going to be great! Henry won’t scream at all and it won’t hurt him one bit! I am going to be there cuddling him and kissing him the whole time and Daddy will have some yummy treats on hand for after. Not like when I was a child at all, when my mum told the nurse to pin me down to the bed. Or when she made the doctor lie and tell me there were peanut butter sandwiches in his little box when in fact it was a huge fuck off needle that would basically kill me. Or so I thought. 

I have to put all this nonsense aside as I don’t want Henry to pick up on my fear and develop a phobia too! 

So here we go. The one year jabs.

If you don’t hear from me I have gone into a fear induced coma covered in my own vomit. 

Wish me luck! 

Oh wow. Even this picture makes me want to cry. 

#motherhood #fear


2 thoughts on “Oh my fuck 

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  1. Glad to hear I am not the only neurotic mother with a needle phobia ha, it’s in their best interest though, but glad all the vaccinations are out of the way for my lo until his teens now. I tried my best not to pass down my anxieties to him, but yep, needles make me nauseous too. Good luck, sure you will all be fine, sweeties for afterwards is a good move, perhaps treat yourself to one too 🙂

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    1. I know, it will be over before we know It! Sweets sound good to me! I’m sure he won’t even be that fussed he’s a brave little one! Thanks for reading ☺


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