Time to get ready

So it’s 6am or some god awful early hour and you’re about to start your day. You’re totally not ready for anything after the piss poor nights sleep you’ve had. Your hairs a mess, your eye bags are so big you can’t even tell where they end and your face begins. On a good day you will be wearing pajamas but let’s be honest most days when you go to bed you are either wearing your other half t-shirt and a pair of granny pants or just the top half of the outfit you had on yesterday. 

Besides the fact that you feel unexplainably hungover when you haven’t been luckily enough to have a glass of wine in days, and you look slightly homeless, you go about your morning routine with a smile on your face. Because you’re an excellent mother! You’re kids don’t care what you look like! What you look like at home, stays at home. Nobody needs to know.

So you’re morning has started and you’re thinking about leaving the house today. After you have got your baby or children ready and looking pristine and super cute, you look in the mirror. Time to tackle that hair. Do you rock a mum bun? Just brush it? Gone are the days of spending hours blow drying and straightening your locks. I don’t think I’ve touched my GHDs in over a year! You go with the trusty mum bun. It never fails. 

Next. Your face. Wow. Where do we start there! Luckily the beauty industry is booming and has all sorts of fancy paints to cover up your grey sleepy skin. My trusty go to is the Benefit Boing Concealer, it hides all sins. So you cover up your face and add a splash of bronze and blush, you tame your brows and bish bash bosh. You’re a totally new woman. I would like to add mascara is totally optional. I have zero tolerance and time to enhance my lashes. I would rather just rock the squinty eyed look and whack on a pair of sunnies and get going! 

Next. What to wear. Comfort and practicality are key players here. You don’t want to be bending up and down picking your kids up in a mini dress or spray on jeans. Also let’s face facts. By the end of the day you will be covered in food, snot and possibly some sort of baby bodily fluid. Save your best clothes for the weekend when your partner is there or when you’re heading out with a friend so you can share the bending and the mess with them! So let’s say today you opt for a pair of comfy jeans, a flowy top and a pair of converse or flat boots. Wow mummy, you look super swish and like a real human! You did it! Now go out and exhaust yourself some more. Those comfy trackies and t-shirt will be waiting for you when you get back! 

Obviously there will he some days when you wake up and miraculously manage to shower, do your hair and a full face of make up. These days a gold. Use them wisely. Make sure people see the effort you’ve put in and how fab you look! Because tomorrow you will be back to your mum bun and milk stained top! 

Let me know your fave mummy outfits and quick fix beauty products! Sharing is caring! 

Here’s me this morning. Looking totally fresh! 



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