Can little boys wear leggings?

It seems this is quite a topic of conversation across a lot of mummy forums. One in which I think is a bit ridiculous. 

Are leggings too girly? Well…in my opinion, the answer is no, not all. There are so many small businesses that are making and selling a huge range of leggings in fabulous prints  that are aimed at little girls and boys. 

I found a new love for baby leggings when I came across 2 little legs

2 little legs have a wide range of bold and funky prints for little boys amd girls up to The age of 6. The fabric is of great quality, they last well in the wash and they are just ideal for day to day kicking around in. Henry seems to love them. He crawls around like a little mad man and they never fall down, never get caught over his feet and most of all they haven’t worn on the knees! A winner all round I would say! 

Nobody has made any comments that they look girly or silly. Only that he looks cute! I pair them with a plain vest to compliment the bold patterns and you can even order a matching bandana dribble big which I think is just adorable.

I think no mother should judge another for what they dress their children in. Everyone has their own tastes and as long as your child is happy and comfortable then that is surely all that should matter! 

So would you put your boy in leggings? What are your thoughts? 

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