Accidental exercise 

So there I was. Running. Yes. Running. I was forced to elevate my heart rate and get my arse in gear. It was pissing cats and horses. The heavens had opened and there I was storming along with the stroller. All I could think of is how embarrassing it would be if I stacked it in this weather. I didn’t know wether to laugh or cry. I was getting drenched. Henry decided then would be a good time to fall asleep. Its alright for him I thought, all snuggly and warm with his rain cover on. It must sound like a rain forest in there all relaxing and shit. My crazy curly mane was plastered across my forehead and tangled up in my sun glasses. I knew I was tempting fate when I put them on this morning. What a knob. 

We’d just been on a mummy and baby date in the park which was cut short by my moody child and a drastic turn in weather! Note to self. Always be prepared with an umbrella and never trust the English weather. Surely I should know this by now at my age? The sun tricked me into a glass sense of securiry. 

So now we are home. Henry’s still sleeping, I have soggy socks and look like a I have a dripping dead cat on my head. All in all was a lovely day though! 

Time for pajamas, films, food and snuggles. That sounds good doesn’t it? But I’m sure it will be more like a half naked baby running around with the remote, changing the channel every 2 seconds, cold dinner and a forced cuddle before a paddy then bedtime. 

I hope you all had a lovely day! 


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