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See what I did there? Writers blog – Writers block. HA! I’m just a comical genius really.


Lately I have started to wonder what the hell I am blogging about. I am struggling to find something worth blogging about. I want to be able to share with you all the mummy mishaps I have and show you that motherhood and parenting is not all hearts and flowers. I want to share with you how I changed Henry’s nappy the other day and a giant poo nugget flew out landed on my lovely cream sofa and I picked it up with my bare hands (vom). I want to share with you how I prevented my child from having a meltdown on a mummy date by feeding him a mini dohnut covered in sugar. I want to share with you that I have been washing the same load of washing for 2 days because I keep forgetting to get it out and hang it up. But I havent been sharing. Im not sure why. Am I afraid of being judged? Am I scared I will be classed as a bad mother? Maybe. But it shouldn’t be that way right? 

I have so many little golden moments of mummy fails that if I shared them all then someone would probably section me. Is it normal to that your lunch is left over baby food from a paw patrol bowl? Is it normal that I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days? Is it normal that I talk to myself out loud all day? Is it ok that I use baby wipes to clean everything, including my bathroom? My answer would probably be no. But I’m almost definitely sure billions of mother’s out there are in the same boat as me. 

This sounds horrendous. But this doesn’t happen every day it just feels like when it does I’m not allowed to share it in case the mum police come and arrest me and put me in mum jail.

I love and care for my child without boundaries 24 hours 7 days a week. I think every mother is allowed to be crazy to a certain extent. The reason why we look like shit, pack an extra few pounds, have the attention span of a rabid squirrel and a brain like a seive is because we devote our entire lives to our offspring. These tiny human beings demanding all of our attention. We fuel ourselves with coffee and sugary treats and we make sure they are washed and dressed and looking cute way before we do. We have down days. We have days where the house looks like a junk yard and we look like the walking dead. But, are the days all worth it? Fucking absolutely. 

My child has never gone without. He’s thriving. He is hitting all of his milestones like a pro. He loves his veggies (especially peas the weirdo), he smiles and laughs and gives the best cuddles in the world. I love him more than all the puppies and glitter in the world. It’s insane. So there. Mummy mishaps do not create a disturbed child. They just create funny stories and memories you will look back on and cherish. Tell me that that’s not worth blogging about?

When I am having a good day, where we are washed dressed and have all the housework done by 11am and head out of the house for a super fun activity. Those are the days where I am like ‘shit mama, you got this!.’ But for now I am going to sit in my pajamas and sulk because I forgot to place my shopping order on Monday and there is nothing for me to eat for breakfast. 

So there we have it. My writers block has gone. I will not hold back anymore or be ashamed of my mummy mishaps and unwashed hair. Mum police, arrest me if you will but I’m sure there is no law against looking like a mong. 



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