What is a cool mum?

“I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum!” We’ve all seen mean girls right? (If you haven’t then you’re life is so not fetch)

So what is a cool mum? 

Growing up I thought a cool mum was someone who let you have all of your friends over, bought you the latest toys and treats, let you stay up late and have midnight snacks and threw you the best birthday parties. This was the 90’s. 

Moving into the new millennium and I thought a cool mum was someone who let you drink Bacardi breezers with your teenage buddies and get your belly button pierced. A mum who gave you no curfew and basically let you live your life as a totally adult prepubescent teenager. 

As I phased from teenager to young woman I thought a cool mum was someone who you could have a glass of wine with and share all your funny stories with. A mum you could go to the pub with and not be embarrassed about. A mum who whatever you did and whatever mistakes you made still kept her cool and was not phased. A mum who was always there to pick up the peices. 

So now I am a mum, what do I think a cool mum is? 

I think that a cool mum is a mum that doesn’t care what people think about her. A mum that no matter what motherhood throws at her she still gets up in the morning and puts her kids first. A mum who loves her babies unconditionally and will never let that waver even in the darkest of times. And, my friends, that is every mother.. .all of us!

I think the phrase ‘cool mum’ is actually a bit fucking ridiculous actually. I think every mum is cool! 

We all bought children into this world. Some of us bravely pushed them out and some of us went through scarily gruelling surgery to meet our babies. We are fucking heroes. 

So if you’re pregnant and someone says “do you think you will be a cool mum” tell them to fuck off. We are all cool, and when you get to meet your baby you will be officially ordained into the cool mum club. 

C – caring

O – open minded

O – open hearted

L – loyal

M – maternal

U – unselfish

M – magical


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