Tears into smiles

We’ve all been there. Grazed palms, cut knees, that god awful stubbed toe that knocks you flat on your butt rolling around like you’ve been shot in the foot. The dramtics are worse than the actual injuries. The bangs, the boshes the ouchy ouch ouches. The splinters and the tumbles into the stinging nettles. Woohah! Being a child is a hazard in itself. 

Summer is on the horizon, the kids are playing outside. The potential for slips, trips and falls is at its annual peak! It’s time to get your first aid kits out and pack them full to the brim.

You’re a parent now, a grown up, a big brave adult. You will be the one the children run to when they hurt themselves. What can you do to take that pain away, to put a smile on their teary little face? 

Well, there are many old tricks that you can use. I’m a wing it kind of gal and I believe that the best thing for pain is distraction. Just use any kind of random tactics to waver their attention away from the blood squirting out of their shin. (Obviously if an injury is too bad to be treated at home then trot them off to the doctors or if worse, A&E.)

Here’s a few old tricks (when I say old, I mean my mum, my grandma and old people used them on me when I was a little cherub): 

Pooh bear and princess plasters. They can wear their wounds with pride. What kid doesn’t want to see their fave character plastered (waheyyyy) on their boo boo!? 

The magical “kiss it better”. What a golden oldie. I’ll be frank, I have no idea why mums have said this throughout time. But from experience, it actually works. My mum had magical healing lips that took away the pain. It’s true. She’s a fairy princess witch that could fix any ouch with a smooch. Totally gross. What kid wants their mum kissing them, the pain takes a back seat and they die of embarrassment instead.

The “walk it off”. Kid whacks his funny bone on the corner of the table. Big ouchy! “Walk it off baby, WALK IT OFF! Be brave, it’ll pass.” Words of encouragement are priceless. They will be too busy cursing you in their head that they will forget what they are walking for in a while! 

Aloe Vera gel. Rub it on any kind of cut, burn, scratch or gammy eye and jobs a gooden. A mums best friend! The younger kids will believe it’s magical and can fix anything. Always have a tube to hand! 

We have recently kitted out the garden with every outdoor play apparatus a child could wish for. I am sure I am going to be using these old tricks on the regs. 
Watch this space. Nurse Mummy is on standby! 
This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. 



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