Hangovers and kids

I always used to wonder why grown ups would be dying for days after they had been out for a bevvy and a boogie! Like seriously, you’ve done it enough times. Bloody ametures. Sort your shit out.

After a night on the tiles with my mummy friend this friday just gone, it dawned on me. 3 bottles of prosecco down and feeling pretty snazzy we danced the night away with not a thought of the next morning. Well fuckadoodledoo. The reason was clear. Grown ups can’t handle the morning after because the morning after isn’t 10, 11 or even 12. It’s around 6am. Fuck my actual life. This is why I don’t go out much! The hangovers are worse than being shot in the head. There’s no sleeping it off, there’s no sitting still watching the room spin and feeling sorry for yourself. No netflix marathons and no time for a hangover dominoes! No. 

The grown ups cant handle it because there’s breakfasts to make, nappies to change, shit to pick up off the floor that you threw around at 3am when you got home. There’s just mess everywhere. But the biggest mess is you. My advice to any parent who has been out on the piss would be, do not look in the mirror for at least 2 days. I looked worse this weekend than when I had gone through days of labour! Not a pretty sight! 

It’s all about day drinking if you ask me! Sip on your bubbles throughout the day, have a jolly time and be in bed many 8pm. You wake up the next day feeling fabulous and ready to fuck shit up.
I’m on day 3 of my hangover. I have reached the ‘my body is aching but my head feels ok now’ stage. It’s fucking Monday and I have a lot to do today. But I’m sat here, writing this and praying Henry naps long enough for me to have a shower and feel human again. 

Wish me luck! And remember… think before you drink!


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