My little human

It’s the beginning of a new era. Henry has started to understand and obey my orders. ‘Put that down’ he drops whatever he’s holding. ‘Give it to mummy please’ he plunges his chubby fist at me and gives me whatever he’s grasping. ‘Can mummy have a cuddle please’ he headbuts (ouch) me and nuzzles into my neck (totally adorable). 

So now, I must start training him. The possibilities for awesomeness are endless. I have my own little human to train. I have to mould him into a big human who will kick butt and change the world. We will start small, ‘Henry darling, fetch mummys wine!’ Obviously teaching him that a happy mummy is a mummy filled with wine. ‘Henry my sweet child, load the washing and put it on a quick wash for me’ FANTASTIC!

All jokes aside, I am so proud of how quickly he is learning. He can say so many words now and listens to us intently. He plays with his little car dragging it around saying ‘broooom broooom’ (he melts my heart). Teaching him is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. A job with constant reward. With every new word and each little step I feel my baby slipping away but my handsome young boy beginning to flourish! 

My little human.

Stay classy Henry!


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