Do you give your child treats?

The pure glee on Henry’s face as he chomps into a milky bar button is just too much to handle. It melts my choccy woccy heart. The first time he had chocolate I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean he looked so cute, but I couldn’t help but feel like I had spoiled my shiny new healthy eating baby! Why did I feel like that? Is it because I was worried what other people would say? Did it make me a bad mum?

It’s so silly, but lately I feel like I am constantly justifying myself without realising it. If someone sees him eating a bit of chocolate or something naughty, I say things like ‘oh, he loves his vegetables you know!’ or ‘ he doesn’t have stuff like this all the time, its just a treat’. Why do I do it? He’s my baby I can feed him whatever I like. I am blessed with a child that does love his fruit and vegetables. He scoffs peas down quicker than any child I have ever seen and he can inhale a banana in about 3 seconds flat. So blow me down if every now and then I like to give him little treats! I don’t give them as reward or as a bribe I give them out of love. I want him to experience the little pleasures in life before someone tells him no. ‘No, you can’t have that, it has too much sugar or ‘No, that will rot your teeth’ or heaven forbid ‘No, that will make you fat’. My answer, he brushes his little toothy pegs every day and is a happy healthy 1 year old. So fuck the system. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would never judge another parent. If they don’t want their child to have these things that is their decision. Just as it is mine to let Henry have the odd milky bar button, or three! We are all different and that is ok. What I don’t like is the people that raise an eyebrow or slyly nod at their friends and proceed to stare at you while you are having a nice old chocolaty feast with your child.

There are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to parenting. Some people follow the ‘rules’ and some people just wing it. At the end of the day all that matters is that your child is loved. And if that means the odd choccy woccy or mini donut then so be it! 

‘Everything in moderation’ – Exactly! 

What are your thoughts parents?


6 thoughts on “Do you give your child treats?

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  1. My baby is 9 months and wants everything we’re having, so we always let him try a small bit. We never give him sweet things as a β€˜treat’, it just happens when it happens πŸ™‚ although after Easter he did keep finding half eaten eggs lying around, and we’d find him with chocolate dribble all down his face… I blame his dad! Either way he still loves all of his food, and would hands down take a banana over everything! X

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    1. I bet he looked so cute though all covered in chocolate! Henry tried his first Easter egg this year. We got him a white chocolate one to avoid the stains! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you for reading 😘 xx

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  2. The pressure we put on ourselves to meet societal expectations just makes this parenting Gig harder than it has to be! Sounds to me like you are a fabulous Mum who loves her child, Treats or no treats is entirely up to you!
    I know with my first it tried to do it all “Right” and rarely let her have treats only to be told by some that I was too tough so you can’t win. I am onto my third now and he definitely has a sweet tooth but all in moderation I agree πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you, that’s very sweet (no pun intended πŸ˜‚) of you to say! I agree the pressure is ridiculous. I think we just have to do what is right for our own children and ignore what everyone else is doing! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment xxx


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