Sorry I was in Marbella

I am back from a beautiful weekend of madness celebrating my gorgeous friends last days of unmarried life in Marbella, with some of our oldest and dearest friends. It was stunning. I only wish we had longer to enjoy the hotel, beach and restaurants! But we were too busy getting off our titties. What else would a group of girls on a hen do be doing?

The whole thing was a success. We all travelled from near and far (as far as Australia) to be with eachother for one last time before the big wedding! My sides still hurt from laughing, and my body is recovering from the copious amounts of bubbles, wine and cocktails (and being thrown around a boat on the choppy seas) But, I’m alive. I survived my first stint away from Henry. I even managed to catch some sun and produce a few more freckles (ginger problems)

The mum guilt was there, I missed my baby. But god, it felt so good to be away for a few days and let loose. My liver hurts but my mind is rested and I am back playing mummy with a smile on my face. He was so happy to see me my heart melted! I wish I could fly back out there today and take him and his Dad with me. I would lie by the pool with a glass of wine and watch them play. Heaven.

I think it did me some good to break away from the daily routines though. As well as neglecting my blog I have neglected myself lately and I was in serious need of some alone time to blow away the cobwebs and shake off my mummy brain.

Returning to my little family felt like a breath of fresh air! It’s funny what a little time away can do to people. We have so much to talk about and are all in high spirits! Henry had some quality time with his Daddy and his walking has come on leaps and bounds! He’s toddling around with such confidence. I left a baby at home and returned to a little man! 

Also, coming home to the sunshine has been lush. After unpacking and catching up on some housewifely duties I am hitting the garden, making some ice lollies, catching some rays and playing in the sand pit with Henry. Who needs Marbella when you can create a beach in your back garden! 

Only 2 weeks to the wedding. I best start preparing my body! 


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