Sun ready?

Yesterday’s heat was insane right? It reached 28 degrees where we are! Thats hotter than it was in Marbella last week! 

As much as I loved sunning myself and pottering around the garden like an old biddy, I was constantly chasing Henry around with the factor 50 and a beaker of water (Hydration is key kids, remember that!) Children and heat waves are an interesting combo! Mummy mode kicked in hard and I refused to let the sun hurt my little bubba!

Henry’s skin is like fine porcelain at the moment and if he’s anything like his mother then the sunshine won’t bless him with a god like tan. Maybe just a pink blush and a sprinkle of freckles! #gingerproblems here’s hoping he gets his skin tone from his Dad!

So, just when you think you get the hang of the whole parenting thing you have to learn something new. Like how to get your child ‘Sun ready’. For starters, putting suncream on a baby. What the actual fuck. They get all slippery and wriggly and you end up with more on your clothes than on them. Also, children’s noses are so tiny! Like, tiny! You have to apply the cream with your baby finger with such concentration and precision. Otherwise it ends up in their eyes and then your fucked! Putting cream on Henry’s little button nose was probably the highlight of my day, not because it was cute, but because he looked absolutely ridiculous with a bright white shiny face!

Then there’s keeping them cool. Well Henry had the best idea. Escaping my grasps mid nappy change and bolting down the garden butt naked. I just let him be for a while, smothered him in sun screen and prayed to god that he didn’t shit on the grass! He did well, not even a sprinkle (Shame the grass could do with some watering) Once I chased him down and put him in his swimming outfit  (we had the paddling pool out) he kept pretty cool in the shade and the occasional cup of water I threw at him! 

It was a good day all in all. We splashed and played and sunned ourselves out! I am basically an expert on sun safety now. Totally got this!

What do you guys do to get your kids sun ready? 


2 thoughts on “Sun ready?

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  1. My first strategy for sun ready was avoid the sun haha oh how Parenthood has changed me. I am like the sun Scrooge! But I decided not to be mean so we went to the park. Where we played where your hat game. Until we were both fed up haha. I must get a hat with a string. Glad you guys had fun in the sun!


    1. Henry hates his hat too! I bought one with a string and he manages to wrestle me before I’ve even done it up! I had a Velcro one for him last summer! Might have to find another one! Sounds like you all had a fun day! Thanks for reading xxx


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