This morning I am sitting here reflecting on the events of the last couple of weeks. My body is tired! Functioning as a human being right now, let alone a mother is taking my very last ounce of energy. BUT, I literally have never been happier. Again, I’ve been totally shit with keeping my blog up to date, but my social calender has taken priority lately! Something I thought I would never say again after becoming a mother!

Watching my best friend get married to her lovely man and standing by her as her maid of honour was probably up there as one of my proudest moments. It was just amazing. I don’t know what it is about weddings but they just fill you with so much gushy love. My feet are still crippled now from all the dancing and my face is still cramped from smiling! Daddy and I were baby free for the night so we consumed a years worth of wine in the space of about 8 hours. We were in bed by midnight though so we managed to skip any bad hangovers…kind of!

Check out our cute dresses!

Lately we have had so much quality family time too. Our little unit is growing closer and closer. We’ve dealt with all the shit that’s been thrown our way and now we are finally getting to enjoy some precious moments without a back log of stress and worry! We strolled through Wellington Country Park a couple of weekends back and I literally felt like we were in some kind of fucking Disney movie. Minus the tantrums! Henry had perfected the drop and roll paddy. His legs give way an he just thrashes around on the floor until he’s done. We just wait it out and laugh until he decides he’s ready to carry on with life. He was also not very impressed when Daddy tried to feed him to a fucking T-rex. Standard.

Quality mummy and Daddy time has been at a high in the last couple of weeks. Henry’s had lots of sleepovers at Nanny and Grandads in Kent which has been a godsend! I don’t think we’ve had this much alone time in almost 2 years. Its like weve been getting to know eachother all over again. How mental is that!? We’ve had a hotel and spa stay together, a couple of lunch dates AND even managed the cinema to see King Arthur. We’ve done proper grown up things! It’s felt liberating! We needed a break and we certainly got one!

To top off all of the madness, I turned 27. What the fuck is that about. 20 fucking 7. That’s not a nice number. I’m basically 50 now. Anyway besides the fact I’m ancient, my birthday was a beaut. I was spoiled rotten which was unexpected and showered with love from my gorgeous men!

It did however, piss it down. We had to drive back home from Kent in torrential rain so we decided to make a pit stop at the services for a birthday Maccys and a Starbucks! Classy. We all have the lurgy too so by the time we got home we were dying. We all dosed up on lemsips and Calpol and slobbed out on the sofa and watched films for the rest of the day. Captured here perfectly by Daddy! Look at the bloody state of us!

So today. I’m whacking my hair in a mum bun, staying in my pajamas all day and spending to one on one time with Henry. The suns out so I might even stretch to lunch in the garden! Just because we can! So until next time readers. Lots of love!


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  1. Lovely wedding pics, and many belated happy returns, 27, you are so young! Wait until you get to 36, eek I am decrepit and having biological clock dilemmas ha! Jealous about weekend dates, living the dream 🙂

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