The beginning of this year dragged, there seemed to be more downs than ups and it felt like every time we turned a corner there was a new hurdle for us to face. Dont get me wrong it hasn’t been all clouds and thunder, we are forever grateful for what we have been blessed with and wouldn’t trade places with anyone. But as I’ve said before, it’s usually just the 3 of us, our family are dotted all over the globe and that’s been the hardest part. Weve really had to pull together, but we have managed to turn things around and I am so proud of our little family unit. 

Slowly but surely, things have been changing. As the summer creeps up on us and our moods are lifted we seem to be smiling more, laughing more and enjoying what we have in the here and now. 

It’s very easy to get dragged into a world of wishing you had more. More money, more stuff, more time more…everything. I have been guilty of that. I think once you convince yourself the world is against you, all you want to do is escape the moment and live a different life. But what about the life you already have? Look around you! Without sounding morbid, there are so many more people out there who are worse off than you. If you have a roof over your head, food in your tummy, clothes on your back and a family that love you then honestly, you’re doing pretty fucking well! 

Gratitude, if practiced regularly, will change your life. Stop, breathe and take in what’s around you. Even the little things like a hot coffee in the morning or evening cuddles on the sofa. Be grateful for it. Those things are little, but precious. The more you take notice of your life’s precious little moments the more you will realise how great your life actually is!

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to be blessed with some incredible friends. They know who they are. They’ve been there with me through all of my adventures for most of my life, some even my whole life! For them, I am grateful. Becoming a mother is a big change and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They pick you up when you’re at rock bottom and they are there to share the best times with you too. Friends will phase in and out of your life but the ones who stay even when it gets tricky, are the ones you should cherish. 

The same applies to our family. They may not be with us every day but no matter what happens or how hard life gets, they will be there as we will for them. Forever and always. For them, I am also grateful.

Now, I know you’re thinking “Bloody hell Gem, it’s a bit too early for all this emotional shit.” you’re probably right, but if this helps someone who is having a really crappy morning, hating life and wishing they were somewhere else then jobs a gooden! 

In the light of everything that’s happened recently if anything should be done, being grateful for what we have, loving eachother that little bit more and spreading a message of strength and unity, should be at the top of our list. 


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