Sun sun sun

I think I’ve got this whole summer thing pretty down you know! Henry’s having a blast and I have been sunning myself and sipping on prosecco. What more could a mother want?

The paddling pool is freshly filled this morning, the parasol is shading Henry’s sand pit and I’m already in my bikini working on my pre holiday tan! All the chores were out the way by 9am and Henry has just gone down for a nap so I have at least an hour and a half of uninterrupted me time! Fuck yeahhhhh!

Basically, loving life.

The sun puts me in such a good mood. Like, who cares if Henry pissed on the lawn or throws his lunch everywhere? I don’t! The only thing I have to worry about is slapping on the sun cream and keeping us hydrated! When mummys happy, everyone’s happy! 

Fathers day weekend was a dream! Sun, paddling pool, BBQ, garden volley ball (we tried!) crisp cold white wine, ice lollys and fruit cider! I literally felt like we were in some kind of perfect family commercial (minus the sweaty faces and wibbly wobbly bits!)

So, one month and counting until we head off to Spain for a week to see my dad! Hopefully Henry will be fully adjusted to the heat by then so he should sleep soundly! 

This has been quite a cheery blog today hasn’t it! I can officially say for the first time in ages, I have absolutely nothing to moan about! 

Enjoy the sun everybody! 


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