Rookie ways to keep cool 

lets face it people. Unless you are willing to fork out for one of those snazzy top of the range Dyson fans then keeping cool this summer is going to be a tad hard work. Myself, I’d rather much spend the 300 odd quid on stocking up my wine fridge or maybe even a mini break!

So if, like us you’re sweating one out and are without air conditioning or a luxury fan then here are some rookie ways to keep you and your family cool during this glorious heat wave!

A wet towel: Literally, THE best thing at night time. Just shove one in the sink, drench it with ice cold water and slap that shit on your body. The bigger the towel, the cooler you will be. Note – be prepared for soggy sheets.

Ice: Buy it by the bag or make your own. Ice is a beautiful thing. If you’re having a hot flush and it’s all just getting a bit too much, place a cube of ice on your pulse points. It is magical. Also if you freeze a giant bottle of water and put it in your room at night, it will help the temperature drop a bit. Every little helps right!

Ice cream: Just because.

Wine: Also. Because.

Get naked: Please note, I do not mean in public. But when you’re at home, be free! Let it all hang out. Cool yourself down with a naked dip in your paddling pool. Or if you don’t have one. Just take all of the above (minus the towel) and get in the bath. 

To be honest. These are all cheap as chips and very efficient ways of cooking yourself and your children down (minus the wine. The wine is for you!). 

How do you all keep cool in this weather?



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