From one thing to another

It’s been another whirlwind few weeks for us here! My darling Mother and Step Dad flew home from their sailing adventures for a week’s visit with us. My Dad also flew in from Spain for my brothers graduation and we’ve had birthdays, BBQs coming out of our ears! I even went another hen do which I’m pretty sure my liver has not yet, and may never recover from.

Henry has been absolutely spoiled with attention left right and centre by his grandparents! He’s a massive Nanny’ s boy, he’s got her wrapped around his little finger 100%! We have actually managed to squeeze in some Mummy and Daddy alone time too! Yes, the alone time was once for a food shop in Tescos and then a trip to the gym, but it still counts! You can have deep and meaningfuls while killing yourself on the stepper right? It’s just a different level of bonding.

We are hanging in there for our up and coming holiday. I might actually pee my pants with excitement! I have travelled with Henry alone before but this time it will be all 3 of us boarding the plane together! Hoorah! Our first family holiday! Sun, sea and sangria come at me!

So the madness is not over yet! A holiday some more family visits and some really exciting work ventures coming up! I am going to be trying something a bit different and channelling my inner goddess! (She’s a total babe. Just saying.)

I’m going to be reviewing some beauty products over the next few months. It’s hard for me to keep on top of a beauty regime (or even have one at all) when looking after a one year old, so I’ve chosen some ‘mum friendly’ products that I think could help us all out! Stay tuned for my first review in a couple of weeks and follow me on Instagram to see our daily stories and updates! See the link just here >>> @hpandthemothership

Speak to you all soon! 


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