A pout perfect holiday

I am a lover of a good lippy. There’s nothing a bold lip can’t fix! But the one thing that really gets on my tits is having to reapply every 5 minutes to maintain that fresh lip look. I find that most of my lipsticks tend to smudge or wear off much sooner than I would like. I’ve tried a variety of brands and I find even with the more expensive lipsticks I still have the same problem. 

So I went on a hunt for a ‘permanent lippy’. As a mum of a little terror I don’t have time to fanny around doing my make up in the morning. I usually have a toddler hanging off of my leg and lots to do! I want to be able to whack on a bit of mascara and a lip colour so I don’t look too much like the walking dead, and not have to think about it for the rest of the day!


After scrolling Instagram and for a while, I came across The Pouty Mama. My prayers had been answered! All the lip colours under the sun and supposedly…INVINSIBLE! 
I decided to put the The Pouty Mama to the test and take some if her lip colours to Sunny Spain to endure some sun, sea, sand and an abundance of sangria! 

I didn’t hold out. From the very beginning, before even leaving the house for the airport I was pout ready in a couple of layers of ‘Red Cherry’ with a coat of gloss (The colour I am wearing above). No joke, it didn’t budge! Throughout the whole flight! I even had a nap (a lot of lip licking went on because the air con dried my mouth out a treat!).

I was really impressed on how the colour held and continued to put it through its paces that evening with a jug of sangria and some paella! It was still bloody there! I wish I took a photo that night but I was way too tipsy! I used my ‘Oops Remover’ to take it off and hit the hay! 

I took it swimming, out to dinner, sight seeing to the lakes and exploring castles and it did exactly what it says on the tin! The best part is, it stays put when smooching! So I didn’t hold back on smothering my baby with kisses! 

Another, more subtle colour I tried was ‘Kiss me Katie’ (as seen below. Excuse the trout pout I was about three glasses in to a bottle of rose by the top pic…god I sound like a wino!) These 3 pictures were taken 4, 6, and 8 hours after application. Again, couldn’t believe that any colour was left after the amount of suncream, sand and sea water I had had on my face that day!

I could bore you all to death with my holiday stories! But I won’t! It stops here I promise. 

The short story is, through a whole week of fun I didn’t have to think twice about applying any colour to my lips throughout the day or evening! Make up is the last thing you want to be applying in 38 degree heat! 

I couldn’t recommend the The Pouty Mama enough and at  £22 a colour you can’t really go wrong. I have spent more than that on a lipstick before and had it smudged all over my face and clothes by the end of the night (I’m a messy person/wine drinker!) So it’s a no brainer in my books! I mean look at some of these colours!

Contact Louise, you can find the link to her Instagram here – The Pouty Mama

Treat yourself Mummys!

Let me know if you try it and what you think!


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