Let’s talk tantrums

Well, where should I start.

The lip starts to wobble and your heart skips a beat

You’re in the middle of town and you’re all out of ‘treats’

You try to ignore them but shit hits the fan

They’re sat on the floor and you’re stood with the pram

The stand off begins, who will cave in?

You are the boss, you can’t let them win.

But people are staring and you begin to get flustered 

Whoever thought you’d give birth to a bastard

Your face flushes red and the mum guilt kicks in 

As soon as you’re home you’ll need a large gin

You scoop up you’re offspring under one arm

Trying not to cause any harm

As they thrash and they scream and wriggle and squirm

You make your way home your grip holding firm

Peoples eyes following you until you’re out of sight

It’s safe to say you are losing the fight 

You’re fed up and tired, you’ve had you’re fill 

Of whinging and crying it’s making you ill 

Once you get home your kid is passed out

Asleep in your arms, what’s all that about?

You look at their face and the stress melts away

It doesn’t matter what happened today

All that matters is you’re home and safe

And you can kiss and stroke your little ones face

Squeeze them tight and take in their scent

Your baby your world you will love them

Until the end.


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