Family Planning

Now hold your horses. Before you go all Moon Pig on me and start sending me your “congratulations on your amazing news” cards, I am not up the duff and have absolutely no intentions of being so any time soon!

I am talking the kind of planning that involves your family, not the kind where you play hide the sausage in the hopes of creating one.

For example, lately I feel like all I do is plan. Plan family holidays, family outings, family visits and all that kind of fun stuff that involves, you know, our family. But when does the planning become too much? Am I taking the fun and spontaneity out of our everyday lives by planning the shit out of everything? 

I mean, I never used to be a planner. I used to just wing it and see what happened on the day of whatever it was we happened to have pencilled in to our non existent diary. But these days, well, let’s just say nobody can take a piss in this house on a Saturday morning if it defers from our concrete schedule. 

I am becoming my Mother. In some cases this isn’t a bad thing. But inheriting her super power abilities to plan things out with such precision may be damaging my street cred in this household. Like, I am literally not cool anymore. To be honest I’m not sure if I ever was. 

I feel like everyday I have is planned out for me, by me, without me even realising it. Before I drift off to sleep at night I have already planned what I am going to do the next morning. Most people do that right? RIGHT!? I am basically searching for some confirmation that there is a slither of normal to my chaotic cake brain. Hmmmm cake… (dribbles). I would love to know how other families plan their lives out. Because even when you don’t plan, there is still a plan. 

I guess I just have to accept it’s in my blood. I am just an organiser that organises everything, with the exception of my wardrobe (that’s a whole other story). I just run a tight ship you know, that’s all, I like to make the most out of our time as a family and if that means weeks of planning then so be it. After all, I am the Mothership.

And on that note…We are off for a week in Italy planned by me….oh, and my Mother.

God help me! 


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