Through the storm – Sleep regressions and life

The months are just rolling by this year aren’t they? I don’t know if it’s because I’m crawling closer (reluctantly) to 30 or I just haven’t had a moment to stop. But yes, it’s been one constant cold and stormy month with a touch of snow, a tease of sunshine and raindrops on flowers. Talk about hormonal weather!?

Sometimes we just need a break! A sunny break… In the Maldives, for a month… Or two! (literally dribbling at the thought!)

We have had a very busy start to the year and it’s only about to get busier. New jobs, new home, family visits and social events. But, we have made it this far, through the storm, through the rain and we are still standing, and smiling! I have no doubt that we will come to the end of this year, look back, breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘We did it’.

The stress is only amplified when you have a 2 year old going through a pissing sleep regression. It’s such a turd load of lies when people say ‘Ohhh they sleep through after a few months and you can go back to normal!’. Me – ‘Sorry? What the fuck are you talking about Sandra. are you on crack?’.

Don’t listen to what anyone tells you. Sleep regressions happen at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, 12 months, 18 months, all the fucking months AND then the 2 year BIG BAD sleep regression. As if having a child isn’t tiring enough, they chuck in a few mental breakdowns and sleep deprivation into the mix. Winning!

They say sleep regressions happen when something is changing in your child’s life. If they are growing, learning, dreaming or have a change in their routine then they will be up ALL night to tell you ALL about it. It can last a couple of days to a couple of weeks (obviously I am no expert, just going by my personal experience) and it’s a joke.

This time we got to the route of the problem quite quickly. Ryan has just started a new job and is leaving the house before Henry wakes up each morning. Henry figured this out and was like… ‘Erm no, I don’t fucking think so Dad. If I can’t see you at breakfast then I am going to see you alllll night and there’s shit all you can do about it. AND you Mum, well don’t think you’ve got off lightly! How DARE you send Daddy away before I have had my cherrios and helped him get ready for work. You sly bitch!’.

No joke, he said all of this to me at 2.47am on Monday night.

So anyway, Ryan sat him down after a couple of nights of Chinese torture, and had a little chat with him. He explained that he had to leave early so he could have more time to play in the afternoon. Henry stared at him blank faced and carried on throwing his cars around the living room. BUT! YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT! It only bloody went and sank into his little 2 year old brain. He slept through the night and has done every night since their little guy chat. I mean, he has figured out now that if he wakes up at 6.20 he can get 10 minutes to have a cuddle and say goodbye to Daddy. But, 6.20am, I’ll take that! I mean it’s an hour earlier than he used to wake up but whatever! Who cares! Happy child, happy Mother! (fist pump)

I am hoping this will be the last regression that we experience. He’s understanding so much more now so it’s easier to talk him down. But he’s 2 and no doubt in a month I will be in his room fighting off imaginary monsters or squashing imaginary spiders. It is what it is!

It’s fucking hard. It’s messy and it’s gruesome. But it’s mine.

My storm, my life, my journey and I will live to laugh and tell the story!


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