Dinner dates with Henry

Growing up my parents would always take my brother and I out to nice places and fancy restaurants. We would practice at home, my mum would say 'right my darlings, let's pretend we are at the Queen's house for dinner' we would love it, pinkys pointing to the sky as we lifted our glasses, straight... Continue Reading →

Sorry I’ve been busy having fun!

This year has been crazy so far and it's only set to get a whole lot crazier! Weddings, hen dos, graduations, birthdays, holidays, the list goes on! Henry is learning to be a little social butterfly, just like his mummy! My blog has been on the back burner for a while. Sorry I've been busy... Continue Reading →

Do you give your child treats?

The pure glee on Henry's face as he chomps into a milky bar button is just too much to handle. It melts my choccy woccy heart. The first time he had chocolate I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I mean he looked so cute, but I couldn't help but feel like I had... Continue Reading →

My little human

It's the beginning of a new era. Henry has started to understand and obey my orders. 'Put that down' he drops whatever he's holding. 'Give it to mummy please' he plunges his chubby fist at me and gives me whatever he's grasping. 'Can mummy have a cuddle please' he headbuts (ouch) me and nuzzles into... Continue Reading →

What theeeee

When Henry was tiny I used to be so grateful of a 1 or 2 hour stint of uninterrupted sleep. He would be waking for feeds and I was a new mum, checking on him every 5 minutes to make sure he was breathing next to me. I didn't know if I was awake or... Continue Reading →

Hangovers and kids

I always used to wonder why grown ups would be dying for days after they had been out for a bevvy and a boogie! Like seriously, you've done it enough times. Bloody ametures. Sort your shit out. After a night on the tiles with my mummy friend this friday just gone, it dawned on me.... Continue Reading →

You’re not alone

To all the mums and dads out there who had little sleep last night and feel like they've been hit by a bus this morning, you are not alone. We are all in this together. From one parent to another we should all be supporting and looking out for eachother. Having children is one of... Continue Reading →

Tears into smiles

We've all been there. Grazed palms, cut knees, that god awful stubbed toe that knocks you flat on your butt rolling around like you've been shot in the foot. The dramtics are worse than the actual injuries. The bangs, the boshes the ouchy ouch ouches. The splinters and the tumbles into the stinging nettles. Woohah!... Continue Reading →

Summer is upon us

My first summer with a mobile baby has begun. It has become apparent that it is almost impossible to baby proof the outdoors. Nature is there to test us.  So far here are the dangers I have encountered: Wasps and bees - They seem to be attracted to sweet smelling sticky babies and their colourful... Continue Reading →

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